1. We will be shifting in our new flat. Which treatments we have to get it done as a precaution? And should we do it before coloring?

Ans : We suggest you to go for Termache Service in your flat. Because Termites are silent feeders, they destroy furniture quietly. They feed on wood, Paper & cloth. Termite will damage expensive furniture & important papers.

2. I have bedbugs in my house. I got Pest Control done 2 –3 times but we still have problem. Should we throw our bed & sofa?

Ans : No you don’t have to throw your furniture. Bedbugs needs specialized treatment, skilled application, spoting there hiding places. Our experts will solve your problem.

3. We find very tiny cockroaches only in kitchen & not in other place. Will treatment to only kitchen solve cockroach problem?

Ans : This is the German Species which usually found in kitchen. Though they are in kitchen, they roam at night everywhere in search of food. Female of German Cockroach carries eggshell upto the hatching. This eggshell laid in other room contains about 40 eggs which hatch in about 2 weeks. It will shortly reinfest your house again. Better you go for treatment for complete house.

4. I apply aerosol spray oftenly but still we find cockroaches.

Ans : Aerosols are ready to use spray for household purpose. This suited when pest population is very less. Once population increases you have to go for professional pest control. See more in Services.

5. Something bites in room but we could not see it.

Ans : It needs expert inspection at your place. Most of time we observe Booklice, mites Bite. They are very tiny, so they are not easily seen. Booklice occurs due to moisture whereas mites are due to dust.

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