Wecome to Sai Jyot Pest Control Service

We Sai Jyot Pest Control Services are pleased to introduce ourselves as the professional pest control management of Mumbai. We offer Pest Control management services to Residences, Societies, Corporate Offices, Commercial shops, Godowns, Factories, Hotels, Malls etc. in Mumbai. We established this Pest Control Services firm in Mumbai with perspective of Human health & hygiene. We have team of experienced, competent & professional staff to manage your pests & pests related problems.

Cockroach Pest Control

They are easily the most common pests; besides being a nuisance,they can transmit repiratory diseased,contaminate food and damage articles.

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Bedbugs Pest Control

Bed Bug bites cause irritation and sleepless nights. They feed on human blood and have become serious pests in recent times.

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Termite Pest Control

Termites are the number one pest when it come to structural damage to homes.Most of this damage is caused by subterranean or soil-nesting termites in search for food containing cellulose such as wood,paper,clothes,ect.

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Rat Pest Control

Rats and mice make themselves comfortable in human surroundings,finding food and shelter in our homes. They breed rapidly and contaminate food,damage cloths and other materials.

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Woodborer Pest Control

Powder falling from wooden furniture is a sure sign of woodborer infestation many people incorrectly think this to be termite damage.

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Mosquitoes Pest Control

The life cycle of all mosquitoes comprises of egg,larval,pupal and adult stages.Male mosquitoes feed on plant and females extract the blood of humans in order to develop eggs.

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